Impacting and touching the culture in a new way!


You've read the story, you've heard the name, you've maybe seen the face, and now you can hear it from the man himself...

Mr. Brewster is available for public speaking engagements where he can speak from intimate experience on several topics including:

Urban Culture, Criminal Justice / Prison Reform, Trucking and logistic Business and entrepreneurship.


Urban Culture

▪︎Black youth - The reality of gangs and gang violence
▪︎Culture and the power of hip-hop
▪︎Redefining manhood
▪︎Community outreach

Criminal Justice / Big Reform

▪︎The finding incarceration and how to survive it
▪︎Growing behind bars (personal saying and growth)
▪︎Institutional Reform changing from the inside
▪︎Re-enrty Reform - The key to beating Recidivism

Trucking and Logistic Business

▪︎Trucking 101 (Learning the game from the ground up)
▪︎Becoming a successful owner / operator
▪︎Going beyond - Becoming a multi-truck enterprise


▪︎Getting started and getting organized
▪︎Developing yourself and your team
▪︎Perfecting operations and managing expectations
▪︎Developing your brand (Building awareness and customer loyalty)